ACAALI crafts modern decor and lifestyle products highlighting ancestral know-how from different countries thus creating unique collections while launching an artistic and cultural dialogue.

Original creations or unique travel finds, we offer modern handcrafted pieces made with unique materials like Bark cloth, Hmong batik or Jungle vine.

Ancient know-hows are gradually disappearing, we wish through our collections to participate in their conservation by making these materials and savoir-faire known to the greatest number.

Handmade - Creative - Modern

Barkcloth - Heritage of Humanity

Each continent, country, has by its history and culture developed over the centuries an exceptional craftmanship of its own: silk in China, batik in Indonesia, leather in Morocco.

Uganda, in Eastern Africa, preserved an outstanding craft, Bark cloth. Done according to one of the oldest know-how in the world, Bark Cloth is inscribed on the Unesco Intangible Heritage of Humanity.